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Photo courtesy of Bertrand Miclot


A strong impulse drives me to seek out something fundamental, my work is taking a starting point from an extremely personal situation and supported by an overwhelming current of emotion rather than a conceptual or verbal framework. This strong impulse may be a signal of my deepest layers of unconsciousness.


I'm drawing lines in space with threads like an accumulation of moving energy, the physical form of time flowing and connecting past and future.


There’s an incessant movement present in my work, a metaphor for life and death proliferating toward a larger dimension, a transformation of the soul and the body, the dematerialization of the self through the relativity of time, death like a new state of existence.


The faces of my characters are always calm but their bodies are contorting, they’re allowing external forces to affect them, being in peace with the unknown and uncertain even when it hurts. Black color is present in my work to express the realm of dreams into the darkness that lies in the depths of the universe.


The use of Line Art or Pointillism in my practice is a form of meditation, painting dots and lines in repetition makes me present and aware of each shape, the volume is different in every form, putting an accumulation of dots or lines together creates something bigger. It resembles a sprawling cosmos and space at cellular level, and between macrocosmic and microcosmic scales, everything is unified naturally to preserve a sense of order and equilibrium.


I continue to make work in pursuit of my truth, what I know so far is that the truth is elastic and I'm following that endless thread floating in space and time.

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