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Shadow Interface - 2023 / District of Fashion and Design, Panama City, Panama

Photography by Milton Scantlebury and Franco Assenza.


In the interplay of music, dance, and painting, a rich conversation unfolds with the elusive shadows. Jhonathan Valdivieso's synthesized compositions, with their mesmerizing tones, evoke a realm that delves into the subtle border between what is seen and what remains veiled.

Through Paulina León's deliberate choreography, shadows take on a personalized essence, revealing not just their interdimensional dance but also the emotive depths they embody.

Leslie Molina, the visual artist, steps into this world of shadows enveloping her, responding to her every gesture. As she engages with these shadowy presences, she discerns a unique language emanating from them. Leslie extracts threads from the shadows, using them as conduits to capture their silent dialogues on canvas. These extracted elements evolve into conceptual strokes that articulate internal tensions, symbols, and emotional narratives, informed by a lens of scientific observation and interpretation.

At the performance's apex, the shadow transcends its earthly form, transforming into radiant light. This metamorphosis embodies the natural progression from darkness to illumination, reflecting a profound truth: within the depths of our shadows—representing inner complexities and obscurities—lies the potential for enlightenment and self-discovery. This introspective journey yields profound insights, highlighting the transformative power of deep contemplation and the emergence of inner enlightenment.

Through this artistic exploration, boundaries of perception are challenged, inviting contemplation of the nuanced spectrum between positivity and negativity. It prompts reflections on impermanence from a vantage point where dimensions expand, gravity distorts, and reality assumes new definitions.

Photography by Milton Scantlebury and Franco Assenza.

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