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Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Leslie Molina is a Contemporary Painter, Muralist and Installation Artist living and working between Mexico, France and Panamá. She is known by her delicate lines and monochromatic use of color-code contrasted and connected by her evocative use of threads.


Her artwork is born from an biographical conceptualism as she generates psychologically complex portraits with a cosmic view that connects and reflects life even beyond death through her manipulation of space.


Her scenes are rooted in the imaginary as she depicts contorted human bodies separated by different dimensions (Diptychs) and yet still connected by her skill-full lines embroidered in thread.


She alludes to an array of links, expressing complex relationships between concepts such as territorial bonds, transcendence, blood relationships, dream, reality, heaven, earth, stillness, movement, inside, and outside. 

Photo courtesy of Bertrand Miclot

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