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International Orders  

Im glad that you connect with my art in someway, thank you for the appreciation and support, it means a lot for me.


Please note that upon receiving payment, your items will be ready to ship within 6-8 business days. You will be notified once the package is shipped and provided with a tracking code based on your shipping method. Delivery times may vary depending on the country where it is being shipped and the shipping method. Thank you in advance for your patience.


United States 1 - 2 weeks Approx. 

Central America and Caribbean 1 - 2 weeks Approx. 

Canada / Mexico 1 - 2 weeks Approx. 

South America 1- 2 weeks Approx. 

Europe 1 - 2 weeks Approx. 

Australia, New Zealand and Oceania: 2 weeks Approx. 

Asia Pacific: 3  weeks Approx. 

For international orders, please be mindful of your own country’s customs regulations, as I cannot be held responsible for any taxes, fees, delays, loss or damage resulting from your package’s processing through that system.

When placing your order, please be mindful that my deadline for local deliveries is 7 business days. I am not able to rush deliveries due to travel arrangements and/or other occasions with specific due dates (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.) but I always do my best to accommodate your order for timely delivery. If you have a shorter deadline, please contact me before placing your order to see how we can best help or to point you towards the nearest retail partner. Thank you for your understanding!


Thank you in advance for your patience! 🙌🏼

Please contact me if you have any doubts  

Refunds & Exchanges

Because the nature of my art I cannot accept returns or exchanges.

However, I want you be 100% happy with your purchase. If you have a problem with your order, please contact me at and I will try to remedy the situation as best I can.


Thank you always for your support!

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