Leslie Molina

Exhibitions / Collectives

2022         PORTAL - Solo Exhibition

                  - Panama

2022         Liberating The Flesh -

                   Zhou B Art Center - Chicago

2022         L'Oiseau Rare Gallery - Strasbourg

2022         COLORS FESTIVAL  - Paris

2021          AVACA  - Panama

2020         “TRACES"  - Surreal Gallery - Panamá

2019          “SURREAL"  - Surreal Gallery - Panamá

2018          “FUSIÓN"  - Exhibition - Allegro Galería -         


2017           “LAYERS" - Alianza francesa - Panamá

2017           “Parallel" - Macrofest - Panamá

2017            Art house Collective Exhibitión - Panamá

2016           “Imperfecto" - Tántalo - Panama


 Auctions / Collab Exhibition / Live Painting

2019           “Human Rights"  - ONU 

                    - United Nations Exhibition

2019          “Pandora Exquisita"  - Exhibition

                    - Quorum Art Laboratory - Panamá

2019           “Contemporary Panama" -

                     International Cultural Centre - PTY

2019           RAW - Icon Living / Collective Exhibition

2017 - 18    Auction at Art Contemporary Museum 

                     - Panama

2017            Art house Collective Exhibition - Panamá

2016            Auction at Art Contemporary Museum  

                     - Panama

2015            Fest 4u / Collective Exhibition 

                     - Panama

2015             Vía Plural / Live Painting

2014            Brava Art Expo / Collective Exhibition

Leslie Molina

Selected Clients

Hermes, Vanz, Pull & Bear, Johnny Walker, Penguin Random House, 1STDIBS.


Publications / Interviews

2020           ARTFIX DAILY

                     Leslie Molina: freezing psychological tales

2018            C BOOK MAGAZINE - UK


2018           LA PRENSA - Panama

                      Allegro Gallery shows Leslie Molina

2017            RO Magazine - Panama


2017            Casco News


2017            STRAMBOTIX - Panama

                     Artes Martes present to Leslie Molina

2017            Prensa Rock - Panama

                      ART Leslie Molina challenges her

                      Monochromatic World in her New

                      Exhibition "Layers"

2016            ELLAS Magazine - Panama

                      Leslie Molina for Pull & Bear 

2016            GOGO Magazine - Panama

                      The Tabu Rules

2016            The Venezuelan News Paper - Panama

                      Four Venezuelan entrepreneurs that you 

                      have to know

2016            PULL AND BEAR - Spain

                      Pull The Metal - Leslie Molina Always in orbit

Leslie Molina is a contemporary Illustrator and Muralist born in Venezuela and a member of the Surreal Movement in Panamá. She is known by her delicate lines and monochromatic use of color-code contrasted and connected by her evocative use of threads.


Her artwork is born from an biographical conceptualism as she generates psychologically complex portraits with a cosmic view that connects and reflects life even beyond death through her manipulation of space.


Her scenes are rooted in the imaginary as she depicts humans and birds forming anthropomorphic hybrids - separated by different dimensions and yet still connected by her skill-full lines embroidered in thread. She alludes to an array of links, expressing complex relationships between concepts such as territorial bonds, transcendence, blood relationships, dream, reality, heaven, earth, stillness, movement, inside, and outside.


Molina lives and works between Mexico, Panamá, and France.