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Reflected in the portraits

emotions distilled in black ink and the look that keeps a secret. The liquid lines draw the hidden side.


Graphite, rapidograph and digital edition.




Illustration: Leslie Molina

Photography by Jorge Andrés Rojas
Fashion stylist Liz Moreno
Make up: Almy Make Up

Physical Models:

Liz Moreno

Andrea Sidorenko


-Artist vitrine for Hermés flagship store in Panama City, Panama
-100th year anniversary of the inauguration of Panama Canal
-The opening of a third set of locks


SML tentacle.jpg

The inauguration of the Panama Canal in 1914 meant a great deal more than the opening of a passage between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans: It actually signified the “shrinking” of our planet, since it facilitated closer contact between continents to the benefit of exploration and trade among nations. With this event, nothing was ever again as far away as it had been before. In short, the Panama Canal was (and is) the key to empowering and expanding the great human adventure, long before the term “globalization” came into vogue.

SML container.jpg

Each window was designed to represent a scene from the voyage of a “Post-Panamax” class ship known as “The Orange Horse” across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, casting off from the French city of Saint Malo and passing through the Panama Canal.

VIT 1 close up.jpg

Striking a parallel with the rite of passage that crossing the continent through the Panama Canal signifies, the voyage that the artist portrays in six show windows provides a link between Hermés and the Canal, with the great human adventure as a common denominator.

And that is an adventure with which, by its own experience, Hermés is more than familiar.

(Article from Luxury Road Magazine International 2015 Spring edition)


Abierto Design House
Laser Cutting Shop
Visual Arquitectura
Purpura Design Studio
Flan de la Casa


Jong Hwa Duly Lee

Arturo de la Guardia

Alexandra Vallarino

Leslie Molina
Elias Mendoza
Kenny Valdespino
Luis Guillen
Angel Alvarado
Diana Vidal

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