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The name behind these pieces are inspired by a phenomenon within the IFS therapeutic framework known as blending, which describes when, particularly in moments of heightened emotions or excitement, we lose the distinction between our Self and other fragments of ourselves. I imagine this as occurring after crossing a type of ontological event horizon, one demarcating the boundaries of a consistent self or being. In some ways during this blending who we are becomes lost, but in other ways fragments of the self are discovered and given space to fully reveal themselves. These are powerful moments in being that are important to focus on and examine. When matter crosses an event horizon, it undergoes distortion and change. This is a depiction of such a distortion while we are blending.


This piece is part of the series The Event Horizon.

Technique: Graphite, acrylic, and cotton threads on canvas.

Size: 60 cm x 90 cm

Year: 2023

*This piece include Free Shipping

Blending No 2 - Original Piece

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