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Panama 2018


In this exhibition the monochromatic world of my illustrations faces, deals, accepts and analyzes

the complexity of color through human forms that explore and unfold Layers of the outer skin to meet the complex, emotional and incomprehensible of our interior that results in a series of arts of pure self-discovery.


Layer 1 - Acrylic on wood and resin by Leslie Molina

Photography by Prensa Rock


Layer 2 - Acrylic on wood and resin by Leslie Molina


Panama 2018

I have reflected, through graphic expression, the ideas related to my experiences and existential multiplicities. In the exhibition Fusion, I show a passage of miniatures that tell stories of my childhood and confrontation with femininity.

I have also produced a work together with Elias Mendoza, owner in Laser Cutting Shop, this collaboration has allowed us to work on sheets superimposing layers of acrylic to create a three-dimensional sculpture.

Reproducir video

Miniature series.

Video made by Marcelo Bibiloni.

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